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Data Use

ScorePal for Android (the application) does not share, in any way, personal information about you with other people or companies. You will not get on a spammer’s list because of your interactions with this application.

This application also connects to the website, so it is import to review their privacy policy. The application collects data publicly available from the website. If you authenticate with the website through the application, it also collects the private information from your collection. By authenticating, the application also sends play data to the website.

All communication with the website, including authenticating, is done securely over HTTPS.


The application requests your BoardGameGeek username and password to authenticate to the BoardGameGeek website(if BGG sync is used). Providing this information allows this application to upload information to your account on BoardGameGeek, namely logged plays.

Your BoardGameGeek username and password are stored locally on your device, but they are only visible to this application. The password is only used during the login process to BoardGameGeek. Once logged in, the application will use a session token generated by BoardGameGeek in all further communication with the website where authentication is necessary. The password is stored so that the user doens’t have to provide their password every 24 hours. The password is kept in memory only as long as necessary. The password is never logged to any file, database, etc., other than the AccountManager.


The application uses the Crashlytics and Answers kits for Fabric. These libraries collect and transmit information about your device, log information, and user activity. This data is anonymized; we don’t collect or transmit any personally identifiable information.

Application Permissions

The application asks for the following permissions.

Your accounts

  • Use accounts on the device
  • Add or remove accounts
  • Create accounts and set passwords
  • Find accounts on the device

The application creates an account to integrate with the Android sync framework and to store your BoardGameGeek credentials. You can see the created account in Android Settings > Accounts.

Network communication

Full network access

The application needs to be able to send and receive data over the network to sync with the ScorePal and BGG APIs.

View network connections

The application inspects the network before attempting to sync to respect the option to sync only over Wi-Fi.

Sync Settings

  • Read sync statistics
  • Toggle sync on and off

The application integrates with the Android sync framework to provide content updates


Modify or delete the contents of your SD card

Allows the application to write to the SD card, typically to store the images of games, players, locations etc.