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Features list

Massive games Library

Community driven database of games and game templates.

Beautiful interface

Gorgeous interfaces makes using the app a real pleasure.


Support for games where biggest score is better, smallest score wins, co-ops, or multiple ways to victory

Stat generation

Get insights about your activity, game score breakdowns and compare with others.

Rule reminders

Never forget starting money, or number of cards that each player should get.

Visual score tracking

Say good-bye to clogged UIs for inputting scores. ScorePal looks exactly like your known board game score sheets.

Comments for every play

Track what was the winning condition, number of turns it took etc

BGG integration (PRO)

Automatically handle syncing your plays to your BGG account.

Player colors

Keep track of what color everyone has played.

Track play locations

See where you do most of your gaming.

Game filtering

Filter your collection by duration or players count so you pick the next game easier.

Calendar view

Review your monthly activity.

Anonymous players

Keep your players list clean by using anonymous players.(ex. When going to a convention)

Fun rating

Track how much you enjoy each play.

Duration tracking

Automatically track how much time it takes to finish a play.

Player order

Automatically pick who should go first or define your own order.

Share results and stats

Send your finished play with your friends.

Player groups

Arrange players in groups for easy setup.

Score awards

After each play everyone gets bages like: “First play”, “Game worst”, “Personal best” etc

Data backup

Keep all your plays safe with automatic local or Google Drive backup