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About ScorePal app

App structure explained

There is a nice app walk-trough that explains how everything is tied together. Check out the link below:

ScorePal app guide

There is an exclamation mark next to my game/play icon. What does it mean?

The icons next to the game or play icon show the BGG sync status:

  • not synced    
  • synced           

BGG Synchronisation

I have edited a play on the BGG website and it didn't appear inside ScorePal. Why is that?

BGG doesn’t have a true sync mechanism (ex. Show me all plays that changed since last time). It can only give you all plays, or plays from a given date. ScorePal stores the date of the last sync and request changes from that point forward. This is the prefered option because checking all plays would be extremely slow for users with a big history. For this reason updates to an old play is not visible to outside apps.

As a recommendation it’s always better to update your plays inside ScorePal, as that makes the changes available on your phone and on the BGG website as well.

I succesfully used BGG sync in the past but now it fails to push new plays. What to do?

This usually happens when you change your password on the BGG website and ScorePal doesn’t know about it. Other times your authentication token simply expires.

Loging out and back into your BGG account (inside ScorePal) should fix it.

I've logged into BGG but by gaming collection doesn't show up

ScorePal’s main purpose is to be a play tracker and not a collection manager. This means that it will import all the games for which you have plays recorded (regardless if you own those games or not).

There are feature requests for such features and you can watch their status here:

1. Import all games

2. Manage games collection

Other things

I need to move to a new phone. How can I transfer my data?

1. [First phone] Go to Settings -> Database -> Manual Backup
2. [First phone] On Internal Storage there is a folder named “ScorePal”. Copy it to a temporary location(ex. your computer) or directly on the second phone, in the same location.
3. [Second phone] Install the app, then go to Settings -> Database -> Restore.
4. [Second phone] If you’re using BGG sync it is extremely important to perform step 3 before logging into your BGG account.

Google Drive restore functionality is not working. How to perform a manual restore?

1. Install the app on your new phone.
2. Download the desired backup file (.realm) directly on your phone using the Google Drive app (or by connecting your phone to your PC and copying your file from Google Drive)
3. Move the .realm file to “Internal Storage/ScorePal/realm” folder
3. Inside the app go to Settings -> Database -> Restore and select your file.
4. If you’re using BGG sync, it is extremely important to log into your BGG account AFTER the restore from step 3.