Full featured play tracking

Ever wondered what it would be like if all games had paper scoring sheets that would never get lost or damaged?

That's exactly what ScorePal does!

Except that:

  • it's digital
  • it stores a lot more details
  • it works for any type of game
  • it generates stats
  • ohhh... and it sync with your BGG too

Live stats

ScorePal uses automatic template sharing and users can vote on those that are useful, giving everyone a better searching experience. Current ScorePal database looks like this.

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Material Design

Beautiful interfaces were always a top priority for the ScorePal project. For this the Material Design guidelines were used. With every app version I'm trying to update to screens that become legacy to keep everything fresh and up to date.


BGG integration

BGG is a great resource for board-gamers. That's why ScorePal was not only built to fetch your previous plays, but also upload everything you record to your BGG account



Sure...play recording is nice for revisiting your activity, but stats make it much more useful. Want to compete with your friends, improve your personal scores, or track how plays evolved over time? ScorePal has all of this for games and players.


Tools and extras

Track as much or little information as you like: want to record the location where you played a game, how much it took, or how much fun you had? Good! You can. Organise your players into groups, use fractional scores, decide who'll be the starting player, and many more


Board Game Night Essential If you and your friends want to start tracking games that you play you need this app right now. The integration with BGG and the low price is amazing for the features that you get. And it's constantly getting better.

Ryan Cutshall,

Why haven't I seen this before? This app addresses almost all deficits in the official BGG app. I wish I had found it earlier so my records would be more complete and I could more out of the awesome statistics. Thanks!

Jochen B√ľnnagel,

This is an excellent app for not only keeping track of your games and who use regularly play with but also seeing statistics of who wins what percentage of the time. I also really like that this can connect to your BoardGameGeek account.

Kyle Buck,

Best boardgame app for android! I use every bit of it's functionality, and to be honest I was waiting for a similar app for a long long time. Finally I have it!

Anton Bendarzsevszkij

The best score tracking app there is. Period. Always nice to be able to bring it out during the nights.

Austin Eschweiler,

Great little app. I enjoy looking over my board game history on my phone with this little guy. User friendly and great graphics/UI. Recommend.

Jeremy H,

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