Game creation setting

A round is part of every players' total score. Visually this is represented by a row in the scoring table.
For simple games you can use a single round "Points"
For games with multiple scoring criteria you can define several:

Ex. In Catan you can have:
1. Building points
2. Development points
3. Army points
4. Road points

Changing a players' score is usually done relative to a previous value (ex. "I just got 3 more points").
In most cases your desired default operation is "+". But there are games where you start with a given value and have to lose all your points.

Ex. No thanks, Last Will etc.

This option is useful if you want to add values like 1.5 or 2.3.
In most cases you can leave this option OFF because it write values like 2 into 2.0.

Use this feature for games that:
1. don't require points

Ex. Social Deduction, Abstracts etc

2. have multiple paths to victory
Ex. 7 Wonders Duel, Santorini etc
3. Can result in no winners
Ex. Co-Ops

Score screen settings

It's a toggle between 2 states:
1. Incremental mode: which let's you perform operations based on the previous entered value (Ex. Add 3 points, remove 1 point etc). This is the recommended mode to use because it has safety mechanism which prevents you from deleting the initial score
2. Modify score: This gives you full edit capabilities and it's a good idea to use it only if you want to correct certain mistakes.

Currently no. In the scoring screen, by expading the bottom drawer you have the option to toggle between countdown or countup timers. In a future update the coundown timer will be moved to a "Tools" section that gives access to things like dice rolling, wheel turning and a few more.

BGG synchronisation

BGG doesn't have a true sync mechanism (ex. Show me all plays that changed sync last time). It can only give you all plays, or plays from a given date. ScorePal stores the date of the last sync and request changes from that point forward. This is the prefered option because checking all plays would be extremely slow for players with a big history.
As a recommendation it's always better to update your plays inside ScorePal, as that makes the changes available on your phone and on the BGG website as well.

This usually happens when you change your password on the BGG website and ScorePal doesn't know about it. Loging out and back into your BGG account (inside ScorePal) should fix it.

ScorePal's main purpose is to be a play tracker and not a collection manager. This means that it will import all the games for which you have plays recorded (regardless if you own those games or not).
This does not mean that it will never get support for interacting with your collection. It will happen in time after more requested features are added.

Other things

1. [First phone] Go to Settings -> Database -> Manual Backup
2. [First phone] On internal storage there is a folder named "ScorePal". Copy it over at the same location on your 2nd phone.
3. [Second phone] Install the app, then go to Settings -> Database -> Restore

Currently ScorePal doesn't have a cloud backup feature, but there are plans to add it soon.
Until then you can always use a third party solution for saving data on your Google Drive account:
Ex: Autosync Google Drive

Editable items have 3 vertical dots on the right side of their card.

That indicator shows the games that don't have a BGG equivalent and thus cannot be synced with BGG. To fix this you can always edit the game, use the search function and select a game template either from the ScorePal or BGG servers. If you are not interested in BGG and just want to create your own game you can safely ignore this indicator.

I'd love to hear from you. Send me an email with more details and I'll gladly add it here :)

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